16 St. & 24 Ave. SW

Right by my house in Bankview, a couple one way streets intersect. I went out this morning to take a look at the intersection and found that much of the snow was completely untouched. This because one way streets meeting have only 1 possible turn maneouver and need significantly less space than an intersection of two-way streets. Here are the photos from this morning:


When we looks at how all this untouched snow in the intersection we find that a lot of space has no potential of being used because there is only one possible turn movement. By adding a fairly sizable curb extension, we shorten the total crossing  distance from 30 to 50 percent while also unlocking a sizable chunk of space to create a small pocket park with benches and flowers.  Remember this is all done without impacting vehicle movement through the area. If anything, it helps motorists understand the one-way nature of the street by using a design that that is simple and straightforward.

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*Two things to note.

The cars veer so close to the curb on 24 Ave. SW because there is a “no parking” restriction on the street and all the vehicles are preparing to make a right hand turn at the intersection.

Additionally on 24 Ave. SW has no sidewalk on the south side. It is clear that there is enough room to add one based on the picture of the traffic patterns in the snow.


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